The Måløy Technology Cluster

In recent years Måløy has seen the establishment of a large number of innovative and technology-driven businesses. Easy Form is part of this Måløy Technology Cluster. In partnership with companies like Stadt Towing Tank and Nordwest 3D, Easy Form can offer a complete product development package.

Stadt Towing Tank: 180 m long high-speed towing tank for testing marine structures.

Nordwest 3D: Animations, visualisations, design and courses.

A willingness to take risks and creativity are two of the characteristics of the people and business community in Måløy. Businesses are ambitious and there is a strong entrepreneurial spirit. This is reflected in an innovative business community and successful start-ups in industries such as fishing, shipbuilding and data management/ICT.

The other businesses in the Måløy Technology Cluster are:

Lefal Gruve AS
LocalHost AS
NordWest 3D
Seevia AS
Stadt Towing Tank AS
VideoNor AS