Product development

We visualize and develop our customers’ ideas.

Design and strength analysis

Our CAD department can offer all kinds of design solutions to meet the customer’s wishes and needs. Easy Form uses the software package CATIA for its 3D modelling, which in turn is used to produce the unfinished workpiece. The software also allows us to analyse the product in a variety of ways, after defining the shape, draft angles and any product assembly. After approval by the customer, the final drawings are produced and prepared for production. With the help of its external partners, Easy Form can also perform strength analysis and provide 3D visualisations.

Machining plugs/master models

Based on the 3D drawings of the product, Easy Form’s machining centres are programmed to machine high-precision plugs/master moulds. Easy Form has two of northern Europe’s biggest 5-axis CNC machining centres, capable of machining plugs/moulds up to 26 m long, 7.5 m wide and 4 m high.

A plug, also called a master mould, is the first physical model of a finished product. The machined plug must be sanded and coated before it can be used to make the production mould.

Easy Form can adjust the plugs as required by the customer.

All plugs are made on a wood or steel foundation. The surfaces of the machined plugs are made of a polyester, polyurethane or epoxy putty.

Whatever the material, it is always our priority to make sure that the plugs are strong and stable. The exact materials and composition chosen depend on what will produce a uniform, stable surface. It is possible to give our plugs a high surface finish without having to undertake many time-consuming operations. Easy Form offers both unfinished machined plugs and ones that are coated and finished.

Mould production

Easy Form has a flexible manufacturing system, with cells that are specially designed for coating large parts and for various composite moulding processes. The flexible space is 45 m long by 10 m wide, and it can be divided up into up to five separate rooms with their own ventilation and heating systems.

Easy Form can produce moulds in a number of different materials and for a variety of purposes. These include traditional GRP moulds, closed polyurethane moulds, light RTM moulds, concrete moulds, etc.


Easy Form can produce small and large scale prototypes. The typical production techniques used for this are hand lay-up and vacuum infusion using materials like polyester, epoxies and carbon. The size of our production workshop allows us to produce large parts than can be transported either by land or by sea. When producing prototypes, we can draw on our experience to help customers come up with good technical solutions that meet their wishes and requirements.

A world of possibilities

The only limit on the designs, moulds and machined parts that can be produced by Easy Form is your imagination.

If you need to make a special product, Easy Form can help you!